Grani web cams

The i Pix Panel recreates a classic switcher layout, including auto transition and cut buttons, plus eight-input program and preview busses with shift for 16 inputs.

It adds device controls for the graphics system, clips store, etc.

Some webcams are better at adapting to adverse image quality conditions than others.

mastidating - Grani web cams

View close-up of back panel here See all your I/O, key layers, file libraries, clocks, counters, safe areas, incoming files and more.

Completely customizable as every window is resizable and movable.

Rapid CG LT lets the audience become part of the production by connecting to Twitter and other cloud-based sources.

RSS, clock and weather feeds can flow directly into on-air graphics, and Tweets can flow directly to air or be pre-screened with a built-in management system. Rapid CG enables to you to update dual channels of on-air graphics at once from local and cloud-based content databases, news automation, and scoreboards.

The i Pix Pad replicates a Pix Pad from the systems control panel and allows users to select and recall CG, Still, Logo and Clip content as well as trigger macros directly from their handheld device.