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The wounded were aided copiously by super-smart surgeons whose knowledge is superseded by nobody I know. Skilled hands with their fingers work dedicatedly to keep death away from its maximum. Radar: I don't think this place is turning out to be that great an experience for me. How would you like to spend the rest of the war with a bull's-eye on your dome? Signed, Very Married."Hawkeye: My heart is not in this anymore.

(He leaves, fighting tears)Klinger: Colonel Potter, sir. But our gallant doctors, the miracle medical mortals are ever ready to treat the sick. All you two guys do is walk around all day telling jokes. You come barreling into your CO's bunkhouse, bellow at him like a berserk buffalo aggravating his anger and his hangover all because you want to bug out. No matter how many times I wash or how much I scrub it's gonna stay there. Drinking this with you would bring back fond memories.

My unit got the word that Nazis, dressed as Eskimos, had overrun Seattle. I am the love call of evolution, the perfume and color of the flowers as they offer their pollen to the gentle fuzz of the bees. I was taught the Golden Rule, and with the exception of some few business dealings, I have learned to live by it. I want them buried in anthills, their bodies smeared with honey! What I'm trying to say is, you need the time to take this job and make it Max Klinger's. And, if you need some help, if you've got a question, just knock on my door. Potter: Naturally I thought she wanted out because she couldn't take a bath but that wasn't the reason. " And she said "I made a big fool of myself and the whole camp knows it." So I said "Well I don't know it." And she said "I'm surprised Pierce didn't tell you."Potter: So I said "Back up a bit.

Colonel Potter: My pleasure, Now you take World War II. I am speculation, adventure, the spirit of pursuit, the stag howling for its winsome, yet anonymous mate. And second, it would be a nice gesture to your commanding officer, who could make your life so miserable if he wanted to. [he gags, then starts again] I was raised in a gracious and civilized atmosphere. I guess I forgot that when you took over for Radar.

I've seen these dodges for 40 years, all the tricks. Now then, I have spoken personally to General Hamilton at Headquarters. Anyone who says anything about Iowa better be prepared to back it up pal. I needn't tell you again, I won't be happy until I am out of here. So what do you say, you wanna be a patriot and love me back? Potter: Listen, Radar, I guess you realize I'm kinda fond of you. " And she said "I had an unhappy love affair." So I asked "Was it one of my doctors? It was your priest."Potter: Now look folks this is none of my affair so why don't we keep it that way. Klinger: (to Korean mother who accuses him of conduct unbecoming) Madam, it is against the rules to fold, spindle, or perforate military personnel. Saves 'em the agony of looking at their reflections in the trough every morning. Why, in the cavalry, a man's steed was his best friend, a real companion. The whole world is spinning down the tubes and nobody even seems to notice. Charles: (after a Korean orphange headmaster confesses to selling Charles' gifts of chocolate bars on the black market to buy food for the orphans) No, it is I who should apologize. (reads first letter) "Dear Hawkeye, I think your contest is a wonderful idea.