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The researchers have discovered a way to get past these barriers and execute their code from a USB stick....[Yet] For now this is just a proof of concept that only affects Skylake (2015) and newer platforms." -Techspot https:// November 18, 2017 PM What about remote exploit of default IME configurations in the wild? • November 19, 2017 AM Yeah so, by now you've all seen the glowing reviews about the new firefox right? https://meduza.io/en/news/2017/11/17/someone-apparently-robbed-russia-s-federal-security-service? utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=share_twitter&utm_campaign=share • November 19, 2017 AM Is this another case of 'your stuff was, as always, provided by the lowest bidder'?

I updated my many Android apps last night, get up this morning and noscript no longer works. • November 19, 2017 AM @Peter Note: It is not so much of lowest bidder.

How is this even a fair game for others who want to enter the market ?

In fact, the NXP and Infineon chips are one of the more pricier pieces and this is contrary to your claims of lower bidder wins.

• November 17, 2017 PM So glad I gave Facebook the heave-ho this week. Trump was similarly confused and will be similarly enlightened soon.