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In the early 20th century, when people really started to use this word “date,” that was when women started working, which makes complete sense — because before then, your family, priest, rabbi or community would arrange meetings between young men and women.

They did not have opportunities to go out and get together on their own.

I also learned that in the early days of dating, in the 1890s and early 1900s, the practice was considered sleazy.

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There is a lot of curiosity and critical thinking here but Brooklynites also like going out and having fun. The book engages readers in a fun way and appeals to a Brooklyn sensibility.

It lets them think more deeply and critically about how they go out and do things in pursuit of romance, sex and love. Walking in Prospect Park is a lovely date spot — and actually probably one of the oldest in the borough.

” said that traditional dating — which is to say calling someone and asking them on a date — was dead.

So I asked myself, what is supposed to be this great thing that isn’t happening anymore?

I talk about women who worked in department stores in the 1920s who would often try and impress rich men by dressing in knockoff designer clothing, or imitating the ways that wealthy customers spoke and acted.