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Kink employs directors, editors, IT staff, and a talent department.They employ production assistants who double as set photographers, and whom you can watch moving furniture and props on the Upper Floor live webcams when there are no performers around.

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During Upper Floor parties, in addition to Kink’s staff, there are contract caterers and bartenders on set, along with the contract actors hired to perform sex and S&M scenes with one another.

Like most adult industry performers, they are regarded as independent contractors, paid by the shoot.

By contrast, Stefanos and Kink’s full-time off-camera staff are employees. In addition to serving as the real-life host of the party, he told me, “I play a character who, I jokingly say, he’s a cross between Tony Stark and Hugh Hefner, a guy who just throws parties at this house owned by Mr.

Acworth.”The distinction isn’t immediately evident to the viewer, who can’t tell which role—house manager of the pornography production business called the Upper Floor, or house performer acting out a sexually dominant fantasy—Stefanos is playing as he introduces, inspects, and stimulates the performers for the party guests and for the cameras.

The leather, iron, and brick aesthetics may signal erotic torment, but there’s homey consistency to the Upper Floor shows, with regularly scheduled brunches and orgies.