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In summary, the opening email should be short yet thoughtful, expressive and inviting.

Remember, just as the first impression in the offline world is made within the first 90 seconds, the first impression in the online world is made in even less time! advertisers advice apple appreciation attachment BHAGs buddhism career career women change yourself collapse Collapse US Dollar Collapse US Empire dating dating tips economy election 2008 Euro Failure first impression Gallup Good to Great Google happiness Hedgehog Concept how-to influence inspiration i Pod Touch IQ Jim Collins leadership library life life lessons life list life question love make a difference map Marketing media library Microsoft middle class mindset money music online dating online dating 101 online video Pax Americana piracy political power poor customer service problem question for reader SAAS self-awareness self-confidence setting goals Silicon Valley Index Report steps to sustainable practice stockdale paradox Strengths strengthsfinder success successful mindset television TV commercial United States US dollar web metrics winning Wisdom Friday Youtube […] the traffic to it.

Let’s now take a look how we could transform the online dating email example above, into an email that will actually stand out from the crowd and attract someone online. 😉….well, then again, you do share my passion for The Walking Dead graphic novels. Imagine if every word of your online dating emails were given the same care and had the same expertise as the example above?

It’s not enough that are you seem to have stolen all my great hobbies and qualities for your profile, but you have to go ahead and steal my legally patented, “take a picture with the guy dog idea” on top of that just to get messages? I guess I could let it slide, that’s pretty awesome. Here at Next Evolution Matchmaking, my staff and I have been writing emails for clients since 2009 with unbelievable success rates.

What I consistently find is that some of the most popular posts belong to the series I had written about online dating.