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My mother took it in her hand and rubbed it for some time.“O son! She came like a flood and I licked every single drop my mother’s tastiest juice. Then I went back to her face and kissed it for what seemed an eternity with my lips smeared in her cup, our tongues swirled in each other while my hands tweaked her nipples making them sore and red and she moaned in pleasure.“O my lovely son! You are going to kill your momma with your love-making skills. I quickly latched on to one of her nipples and to my utter pleasure it was leaking with milk now.

She was still dressed in her bridal jewelry and a golden chain fell over her tummy.

Then she lifted her saree without removing it up to her thighs.

The very first time I saw her, she was talking on a phone to someone sitting in her kameez and panties…what a delight panties are.

As I sniffed my mother’s hidden heavenly floral glory, I saw her looking at me with pure lust and she bit her lip.

Now, here was my mother ready to get fucked by her son, lying all naked. My sushma”“O yes son, take me, and take your mother. You are my sweetest boy, honey.”While my hands reached over her bare pussy and I touched it for the first time. She then pushed me aside and walked naked across the room and went to her dressing table and got back some indoor (vermillion) and said hungrily“O son!

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    Being the holiest site of Shia Islam, after Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Najaf receives millions of pilgrims annually.

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    After dating a few guys with these attitudes *once again, it’s recognized that not all older men are like this*, the almost naïve enthusiasm for love that a younger man is likely to have may be refreshing.

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