Mandating definition

Under existing law, an “intern” is defined as an unlicensed person who meets specified requirements for registration and is registered with the board.

As an alternative, existing law requires the Board of Behavioral Sciences to accept those doctoral or master’s degrees as equivalent degrees if those degrees are conferred by educational institutions accredited by specified associations.(C) Under the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Act, an applicant for licensure is required to complete experience related to the practice of marriage and family therapy under the supervision of a supervisor.

Existing law requires an applicant seeking licensure as a professional clinical counselor or a marriage and family therapist to possess a degree that contains a practicum coursework requirement that may be satisfied by conducting face-to-face counseling.

Existing law requires the fines from licensed optometrists to be deposited into the Optometry Fund and to be available upon appropriation to the State Board of Optometry for the purposes of administration and enforcement.

Beginning January 1, 2016, existing law makes the State Board of Optometry responsible for the registration and regulation of registered dispensing opticians.(7) The Board of Behavioral Sciences is responsible for administering, among others, the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Act, the Clinical Social Worker Practice Act, and the Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Act.(A) Existing law, the Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Act, provides for the regulation of the practice of marriage and family therapy by the Board of Behavioral Sciences. Existing law requires the licensure of marriage and family therapists and the registration of marriage and family therapist interns.

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