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Getting that call from Kelis definitely inspired me to get back into the studio.

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I got an education from ESPN on how to be a broadcaster, but really I was just a fan and I think I’m very lucky.

I cover a very artistic form of athletic expression that sort of is married to music and creativity in a way that compliments how I grew up in music and the arts.

Kelis said she had some tracks that she needed some backup on, so I went into the booth and sang — not realizing it was an audition — and when I walked out of the booth she said, “I think we should do a duet together.” And that’s how it all came together.

AXS: From interviewing a wide variety of individuals in the entertainment industry, it seems that all actors want to be rock stars and all rock stars want to be actors.

” So I got a text message from Dave that said, “Kelis would like you to come sing on the record.” And sure enough, a week later, I went up to Dave’s house and Kelis [also a certified chef] was in the kitchen cooking, and the musicians were sitting around while Dave was playing some playback of some song.