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Many users are also looking for phone sex over Skype.

So if you’re somewhat on the shy side, that option might be just what you’re looking for.

You’ll need a paid membership to search the user profiles for members seeking cybersex, but rest assured, your search will turn up a very large number of users looking for Skype sex encounters.

What we really like about this service is that member profiles can also contain photos, audio, and video.

And yes, you can also meet women for real-world sex encounters.

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    Once you've completed the quick and discreet membership form the real fun can begin.

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    Another more new development is tricks that try and get around the two-factor authentication that many products now have built in – and which, for the most part, serves as a big problem for people breaking into your account. Two-factor authentication works by attaching a phone number to a person’s account.

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