Are proudlock and sophia dating

The boys talked about everything from fancy cocktails to misguided tattoos, so read on to find out who's embarrassed by their on-screen kissing, who has a crush on one of the new cast members, whether Jamie's still holding a candle for Binky and why this series is getting dark... Proudlock: "The shoot's been going pretty good, I think. We've sort of got to make a decision about who we're going to live with and what's going to happen."Proudlock: "We still haven't found a place yet, so we're waiting."What about romance? Proudlock: "Yeah, he's worked for me at my company for the last six months."Jamie: "And the girls are great. I think what happens is when you're so far in relationships, so deep in relationships, and they're following our lives, it's exactly what happens. So if you have done something wrong, or you do like someone, it comes out."Proudlock: "It's going to come out.

Jamie's got a lot of make-up on."Jamie: "You wear more make-up than me! They're so much fun."Proudlock: "They're very cool."Jamie: "Very, very good, fun, cool girls, so we're really excited to have them on board."I mean, we had Lucy join last series and she caused all kinds of trouble... He's a big, big fan."Jamie: "I'm a big fan of hers."Are things maybe not so great with Lucy right now? It's very hard to keep situations under wraps without people finding out, and obviously these things eventually come out."Jamie: "And I do think everyone does have a dark side. So the show does find out everything about you and they will if you have done this. "Jamie: "I don't know, I've been hiding under a bridge! So of course whatever happens there is going to be trouble down the line. But yeah, these guys have fitted in really well and they've created drama already.

They're really fun, and also I went to university with one of them, so everybody's in the same social group. So it's all just very easy and natural."Proudlock: "It seems organic."Jamie: "Everyone who comes on the show we do know of, or we've met or we've kissed or something like that.

I think this season's really gone down the road - I think it's trying to really follow what's actually happening. Which is quite hard to do sometimes because, you know, lots of complicated issues. Like, if we said, 'We want to go and have a party on a private jet', they'd be like, 'Well, we can try and do this'.

You wouldn't say, 'I'm going to do this', you wouldn't plan anything, because it just doesn't really work if you start planning something. So you don't really know what happens."Proudlock: "It's kind of tricky."But you do watch it back? Then I thought, 'Well, I got it just now, can I get the first laser done tomorrow? So I have it on my arm for a minimum..."Proudlock: "I think any tattoo when you first get it...

I think some shows plan things - we just literally, just whatever happens, happens. Jamie: "All together."Proudlock: "Yeah, we watch it all together, which is kind of awkward..."Yeah, I was going to say, that sounds really awkward. "Jamie: "So when you were talking about someone, you literally say, 'Sorry...'"Proudlock: "Everyone's there. Like, I even got this, my mum's signature, a tiny one.

Seeing as she grew up in Switzerland, Sophie attended the Institut auf dem Rosenberg Boarding School in St. Brb, currently adding them both to our shopping baskets. Probably Gucci right now, but I also love Alessandro Michele - he's just a genius! Jamie and Lucy were together for a bit and would even walk their dogs together.