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The D850 will be a powerful new full-frame FX-format digital SLR camera, engineered with a range of new technologies, features and performance enhancements that are a direct result of feedback from users over the years, who demand the very best from their camera equipment. This announcement coincides with Nikon’s 100th anniversary of its establishment, which is celebrated today.The D850 will exceed the expectations of the vast range of photographers who seek high resolution and high speed capabilities that only a Nikon of this calibre, complemented by NIKKOR lenses, can offer. The D850 will be a formidable tool for creators who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility, including both aspiring and professional photographers as well as hobbyists who capture landscapes, weddings, sports, fashion, commercial imagery and multimedia content creators.

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With the D5 appearing in 2016, can we expect a D5s in 2018 and the D6 in 2020?

Nikon has had a fairly solid release schedule for the top of the range DSLR over the last few years, but what’s the DSLR market (and Nikon) going to be like in 2020?

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We really do appreciate this - Keith 2018 January 16th Interesting times for Nikon with quite a queue of all new products (DX/FX mirrorless and lenses) and a series of products old enough to suggest they are due for an update.

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