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“Couple that with 25 girls using their blowdryers and hair tools and the production lighting, and I was a sweaty, greasy mess all of the time.”The Day-To-Day With the 24-7 possibility of being filmed — even while lounging around the house — many of the women felt pressure to be constantly camera-ready.

“I did my hair more times in that eight to nine weeks than I have in my entire life — I am still dealing with the damage I did to it,” says Whitney.

“And, of course, knowing you are going to be on national television, anytime you passed a mirror, you would do a double take, hair check, quick powder, and reapply your lipstick.”.” Ashley S. “I did full hair and makeup for about three days before I gave up,” she says. “I looked like an orange crayon.” Beauty Bonding Yet despite the heat, the lack of mirrors, and the whole dating-the-same-dude thing, apparently all was forgiven when it came to beauty.

“Some mornings, you get up so early or you are so hungover that you don't care one bit what all of America will think about your morning face. But they don’t last forever — and certainly not all the way to the final four. “I basically bought the entire store out of falsies once my lash extensions started to fall out,” says Whitney. “I had a week off before I flew to Bali, so I went to a spray-tan booth in L. The contestants may not like sharing a potential future fiancé, but when it comes to getting ready, most are more than happy to share their products — and their skills.

As the crowd kept silent, Davis, the eldest in a family of all sisters, replied: 'I'm pretty bossy ...

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