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This signifies the episodic nature of magmatic activities and the related mineralizations along the UDMA and meanwhile, indicates that collision between the Arabian and Iranian plates was dischronous, being earlier in NW Iran and later in SE Iran, which can be resulted from the oblique convergence of these plates.Therefore, while the north-western part of the Neo-Tethyan basin (in the Lesser Caucasus and NW Iran) was closed in lower Eocene [1], its SE section was still open and so, the magmatism and mineralizations resulted from the melting of subducting slab and mantle metasomatism vary temporally along the UDMA.At Our, we honor the freedom, wisdom and appreciation for life that only comes with time.

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Re-Os dating of mineralization in Siah Kamar porphyry Mo deposit (NW Iran) and investigating on its temporal relationship with porphyry Cu-Mo deposits in the southern Lesser Caucasus, NW and central Iran The Neo-Tethyan basin closure in Iran is characterized by the Urumieh-Dokhtar magmatic arc (UDMA), formed by north-eastward subduction of the Neo-Tethyan oceanic crust during the Alpine orogeny.

Re-Os dating of molybdenites from this PMD has given model ages between 28.1±0.15 to 29.06±0.2 Ma, and isochron age of 28.0±2.1 Ma, corresponding to the middle Oligocene (upper part of Rupelian).

Comparing the ages determined for Siah Kamar PMD with porphyry Cu-Mo mineralizations in the Lesser Caucasus indicates that it is younger than most of the dated PCDs and prospects there, especially those of upper Eocene, while it is a little older than Paragachay and first-stage Kadjaran PCDs [1].

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