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risks the resumption of migratory flows, which Morocco has succeeded in containing through a deliberate, sustained effort.” At the same time, initially promising negotiations on an EU-Morocco Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area have stalled, while a number of economic actors in Western Sahara are suffering from the legal uncertainty created by the ECJ judgment.

They need Brussels to take a stance on how to implement the court’s ruling.

Although the International Court of Justice and the United Nations have advocated the right to self-determination for the Sahrawi people, Rabat has maintained control over this former Spanish colony and its natural resources since 1976.

Morocco exports primarily agricultural and fishery products from Western Sahara to the EU.

Klaus Buchner, a German member of the European Parliament, told Al-Monitor, “Companies making profits in Western Sahara should be exposed.” In practice, however, quite the opposite has happened since the ECJ’s ruling.