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Here is Max Girls 13 released in year 2009 featuring scenes of 10 popular AV actresses.

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DBANK Movie Super Costume Play Miyu Hoshino This ultra kawaii actress is dressed in pink nurse uniform, in maid, office lady, and in cheerleader.

Tons of enthusiasm from Miyu as she tries out an assortment of sexual positions.

In Cosploid, she's dressed as a futuristic gal, a wild delinquent in jail, a naughty high school student, a maid with a blond wig and some other costumes which we clearly cannot identify Milky High School #178 Miyu Hoshino Ultra kawaii, Miyu Hoshino defines the word cute.

In Milky High School, Miyu is dressed in school uniform and hanging out in an adult video store, giving blowjobs and getting screwed.

DBANK Movie Premium studio's videos are beautfully filmed like it's sister studio S1.