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Simultaneously empathetic to Karen's plight and livid with Marco's lurid behaviors, Viki proceeded to share and publish the story of Marco's business dealings with the help of her husband and editor-in-chief, Joe Riley (Lee Patterson).

Before the story could be published, Marco finds the murdered corpse of his brother, Dr. Marco soon devises a plan to assume the identity of his dead brother in an effort to frame Viki for his apparent murder.

While investigating Marco, Viki starts to suspect Karen of cuckolding her former brother-in-law Larry in multiple extramarital affairs.

Growing stressed at keeping the secret of her sexual exploits to herself, when Viki confronted Karen with her suspicions, Karen admits to the affairs and divulges her forced prostitution by Marco to Viki.

Fearful that Larry would not marry her if he were to learn about the confidence tricks and embezzlement schemes she participated in with Marco before her arrival in town, she agitated at Marco's presence.

Karen and Larry marry without Marco divulging Karen's secret past, while Marco planned to blackmail her into another business venture instead.

The Jonas brothers are a couple of guys that you may see on Disney channel from time to time.

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    Not to worry, however, Drake had plenty of nice things to say about Nicki as well.

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    Starting in 2008, Rolex stopped engraving the serial number at the case 6 o'clock location, using only the rehaut location.